10 Free Domain Name Generator Tools

Another popular way to find available domains is using domain name generators. All you do is type in a few keywords and the generator spits out free unregistered domain name suggestions.



NameStation is the best domain name generator on the internet. Generate millions of potential domains using keyword lists, letter count, popular words, endings, numbers, dictionary words and even randomly generate domain names. You can create domain names using common words in categories such as travel, health, internet marketing, business, real estate, sports, gaming, and many more options. It costs $10 per month to use but you can use most of the features with a free membership.



Nameboy lets you enter keywords to search for available domain names. When you search for keywords, you can register any domain highlighted in green.



A very handy tool for finding domain via keywords, character length, gender biased and more. The only downside is the search results box is too small and only lets 10 domains at a time.



An ajax based tool that shows live domain suggestion results based on your desired keywords. You can disable premium domain listings to only show free available domain name results.



Bustaname helps you easily mash words together to create an awesome domain name. Add prefixes and extensions to give your domain a more unique, brandable feel. It only lists free available domain names.



NameStall is an incredibly usefull tool for generating lots of different domains names quickly and easily. You can generate domains according to numbers, characters, keywords, hacks, brandable sounds and many more options. One of the best tools on the market.



Quickly mash up keywords together to create the perfect domain name. This tool is very similar to Bustaname. Very handy for finding available domains and generating web 2.0 domains.



This fast Ajax-based tool will help you to find domains similar to the ones you have entered. You can either register a new domain or search for aftermarket domains.



The Domize search engine is a clear and easy-to-use tool for quick search of available domains. You can install their widget on your website so that your visitors can use the search engine right from your website.



With this tool you can explore the top level domains of other owners which have become popular. You can also search for TLDs which are available.

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