Top 5 Web 2.0 Domain Name Generators

If you’re looking for a hip new Web 2.0 domain name, then try using one of the following generators below. We reviewed the top 5 web 2.0 domain name generators and ranked them according to ease of use, quality of domains generated and how often we use this tool.

1. Namestation

Namestation, formerly known as MakeWords, is the most robust web 2.0 domain generator on the planet. You can easily find random domain names or enter keywords to create your own unique domain.

2. Bustname

Bustaname launched a new tool called Word maker that generates web 2.0 domains based on a seed keyword. Just plug it into the tool and it will return a couple dozen brand domains for your choice.

3. Dotomator

Dotomator is the easiest tool online to find a web 2.0 domain name. Just click “Generate Name” and it will randomly display a domain name. Our only problem is you must check availability for each domain, and because of the popularity many domains have been registered.

4. NameStall

Namestall is a handy tool for creating tons of different domain combinations. You can add prefixes, suffixes, endings, words and lots more. The only drawback is the small interface limits you to 10 results at a time.

5. Nameboy

Nameboy uses keywords to create a newer brandable domain name for your business or company. It’s not as powerful as the other 3 but can give you some more domain ideas.

These 5 web 2.0 generators will give you tons of unique domain choices to ford your business, blog, company or domain portfolio. I recommend registering your domain names at Godaddybecause they have the best customer service and are the largest domain registrar in the world!

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